Hommage to Stars of the Lid

Hommage to Stars of the Lid – Featuring ‘Requiem for Dying Mothers’ by Stars of the Lid (Shimmering Mix).
Not owning any right of the song.

Song by Stars of the Lid

Full Cast

Direction and Cinematography: Riccardo Vaia e Cristina Pizzamiglio

Full Tech Specs

Year: 2020
Running Time: 11’16″
Aspect ratio: 2,66:1
Format: 4K2D color/sound
Acquisition: digital cinema, BlackMagic RAW (2,8K)
Editing e finishing system: DaVinci Resolve
Camera, Lenses: BMPCC4K, Kowa 16H Anamorphic (Anamorphic Source Camera Aperture)
Production: Ludione Productions

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