Is passion the ultimate weapon
against the fall of our society?

Artist : Blank
Song : Brittleness
Album : Drifting Slowly 2020

Full Cast

Ludione Productions 2020

Music – Blank \ Davide Mazza
Acting – Davide Mazza, Ilaria Giordani, Riccardo Mattioli, Diletta Biancini
Script and Screenplay – riccardo vaia/cristina pizzamiglio and Davide Mazza
Cinematography and Compositing – riccardo vaia/cristina pizzamiglio
Editing – riccardo vaia/cristina pizzamiglio and Davide Mazza
Maquillage – Valentina Coco
Gaffer – Fabio Melis
Script Supervisor and Accounting – Cristina Pizzamiglio
Props and Dressing – Cristina Pizzamiglio, Ilaria Giordani, Davide Mazza
Special Acting – Casimiro (The Owl) thanks to Diletta Biancini

Courtesy of ℗ & © 2020 Davide Mazza / Mechanoid corp

Full Tech Specs

Color, Sound
Runtime: 6’19”
Aspect Ratio: 2,66:1
Camera and Lenses – BMPCC4K, Kowa 16H Anamorphic
Codex – BlackMagic RAW (2.8K)
Cinematography Process – BlackMagic RAW (2.8K)
Anamorphic Source (Kowa Anamorphic Aperture x2)
Da Vinci Resolve 16 Finishing System
Printed Film Format – D-Cinema

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